Technical Support and Developments


Since its outset Rowad National Plastics worked closely with a group of leading manufacturing, development and consultation companies such as SABIC, Omipa, GE and Bayer to expand company's horizons and help improve the range of its services. This association bettered the after-sales services and made us among the most advanced plastic process in the region.

Rowad is proud to offer its accumulated experience through advanced products, high quality and competitive prices. We have established a lab with modern equipments run by highly qualified staff for company's maximum benefit.


Quality Strategies


Global market standards today have grown so high that only quality products take the front seat. This advantage forced us to multiply investments in R&D to quench consumer's thirst for the best . To preserve the confidence of our clients, we thrive to maintain the hard-earned quality, high performance and legendary engineering we were able to build over the years in such a competitive marketplace in accordance to international quality system ISO 9001-2000.


Client Requirements with International Standards



Visiting our factories you'll see only two things: state of the art, computer automated production lines and a well trained technical team.

This unique combination guarantees quality of customer's requirements under strict guidelines of standards and specifications.


Plastic Sheets
Batteries and Pails
Reprocessed Resins




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