Polycarbonate Sheets


Rowad Plastic's Polycarbonate Sheet is a high performance engineering thermoplastic sheet that is characterized by high clarity heat and flame resistance, dimensional stability and exceptionally high impact strength over a wide temperature range, and durable for outdoor application because of UV layers on both sides, and impact strength at low temperature, chemical resistance and dimensionally stable with resist cracking and splitting dealing to weather resistant.


Swimming pool and stadium roofing
Skylight domes and canopies
Light covers, gates and doors
Interior and exterior windows
Automobile components
Insulation for electrical panels
Green houses
Medical and computer components
  Technical Specification Users Manual
Size As Sheets In Rolls
Thickness, Maximum (mm) 15mm 1mm
Thickness, Minimum (mm) 1mm 0.7mm
Standard, Width (mm) 2050mm &1220mm 1220mm
Standard, Length (Meters) 3000mm &2440mm 30Meter
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PC Products - Crystal    

PC Products - Textured    

PC Products - Plain    

Note: Basic colors are shown here, but we can customize the colors for our customers depending upon the quantity of order.


Warranty Certificate
Up to 10 years Limited Warranty

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