The font of the logo expresses the concept of innovation in our products including new products in order to cope with the new technologies and the requirements of industrial development. The italic font is looking for the future in order to achieve well qualified employees of high levels of experiences. Moreover the degree of clarity of font expresses strength and solidity of our dealing the regional and international economical changes.

Existence of letter "R" in the center between name of the company in Arabic and English language refers to strong correlation among the company’s employees irrespective of their nationalities and culture.

As about the colors included in logo, the dark blue color expresses high quality of our products as they are produced from best quality of raw materials and passes the standardization tests in order to meet International quality standards. While the light blue color expresses clarity in visions and wide scope of innovation and creativity .


Plastic Sheets
Batteries and Pails
Reprocesseded Resins
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