Plastic Pails

Rowad Plastic’s pails and covers are high quality utility containers. The excellent design performance combined with robust wall thickness assures dependable high performance. State of the art advance multi color printing technology is used with In-Mould Label (IML).

Rowad plastic pails can be used for paints, chemicals, lubricants and for various products packaging in various sizes.

15 Ltr
17 Ltr
18 Ltr
20 Ltr
21 Ltr
Other Sizes as per request

Automobile Batteries


Rowad's Automobile battery Components Battery cases, covers, caps, etc. are made from very high quality co-polymer with excellent chemical resistance giving Load bearing strength, dimensional stability and weather resistance. Sophisticated and fully automatic machines are used to meet JIS, American and DIN standards.

They are suitable for the manufacture of wide range of automobile batteries which can be used with light, medium and heavy vehicles.

RABC have high stiffness.
RABC are highly resistant to Sulfuric acid.
RABC can with stand prolonged period of exposure to weather and sunlight. It has good environmental stress crack resistance.
RABC have good dimensional stability, load bearing strength and high elongation.
RABC are available in natural, black or any other colors as per customer requirements.
  RABC conforms to DIN, JIS and SAE standards


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