New Green Products

With the quest of expansion and diversification, Rowad board has approved to invest more than SR 300 millions in Hail industrial area and is going to commission the state-of-the-art plastic conversion plant by 1st quarter 2014, to produce following innovative products.

Water Recycling Units
Green Films (Agri‐films)
Industrial Plastic Pallets
Plastic Pipes

Land allocation 100,000 square meters have been allotted in Hail Industrial Area by MODON.

Domestic Water Recycling Units


The domestic wastewater treatment unit is to covers , treating water for 5-10 people or16-25 or 26-50 and represent the smallest product line based on time tested USBF (Up flow Sludge Blanket Filtration) technology.

Robust treatment
Covering enormous variations of flow during the day
Low excess sludge production
Reducing the desludging cycles 2 times / year
Odour-free operation
Allowing in-house installation (basement)
Quality of treated effluent allows for reuse in WC flushing and irrigation

Green Films (Agri-films)


The product is specialized plastic film of 3 to 5 layers in rolls, 12 to 16 meters wide in a thickness 100 to 350 microns and a weight of 150 grams to 500 grams per square meters.

The use of the specialized film in greenhouses can result in three times crop yield. This by achieving climate control, thus enabling multiple harvesting and faster food production. 

Enhance plants growth by 3 times
Prevent accumulation of dust


Industrial Plastic Pallets


Based on innovative injection molded technology, in unique material saving designs, the high-quality plastic pallets meeting standard international sizes and load bearing capacity for industrial and commercial use.

Environmentally safe, hygiene and easy sterilize
Recyclable, never goes to land fills
No staples, nails, screws, bolts or splits to damage product
No contamination, strong and durable
Longer life-cycle (Economical)
Chemically inert - Pest free (No rust or rot)
Reduced worker fatigue and injury
Improved product stacking
Possibility of color coding / Product identification
30% lesser than wood in weight

Plastic Pipes





Plastic Sheets
Batteries and Pails
Reprocessed Resins
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