Rowad National Plastic Co., Ltd. is a limited company of“Rowad Plastic Group” was established in 1992 at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a Saudi limited liability company, is a subsidiary of the National Industrialization Company “TASNEE” (a Saudi joint-stock company) registered in the Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul”) TASNEE is an outstanding petrochemical company in the Middle East holding second position among the top hundred companies in Saudi Arabia.

"Rowad Plastic Group" is among the leading plastic products manufacturing Industries in the field of specialized engineering plastic conversion. Its products are Exported to more than 30 countries in the world.

Rowad believes on the innovated engineering technologies and specialized experiences in order to offer the best products at competitive price to customers.

Rowad produces engineering plastic sheets, injection molded cases and covers for automotive batteries, paints pails and reprocessed resins. Rowad has two independent joint venture companies (i) "Rowad International Geo-synthetic Co." & (ii) "Rowad Global Packaging Co" producer of Geo membrane & BOPP film respectively, situated in Dammam.

Rowad is diversifying, expanding & establishing a new production complex at Hail industrial area to produce innovative plastic products vizAgri Green Films, Plastic Pallets, Water Recycling Units, & Plastic Pipe.

Further, to the above Rowad is eyeing for any new viable business opportunity to add value to locally available petrochemical / plastic resins & simultaneously creating job opportunities, seeking joint ventures to develop export markets.

Plastic Sheets
Batteries and Pails
Reprocessed Resins
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